Annual or Special Stockholders’ Meeting

Investor Relations

Pacific Online ensures its commitment to good corporate governance and transparency to shareholders by holding its annual stockholders’ meeting (ASM) every year. For the Company, timely communication with shareholders, institutional investors, and the greater investing public, including potential future investors, is paramount. The ASM provides one of the best avenues for shareholders to have involvement and dialogue with the company through matters such as voting.

For the past years, the ASM has taken place in a physical meeting venue, but to adjust to changing times, the Company has decided to move to an online platform for the ASM. This also allows the opportunity for greater participation by shareholders who may otherwise have not have been able to attend due to convenience or other reasons. The Company encourages full participation for every shareholder and welcomes any questions they may have.

Definitive Information Statement Apr. 28, 2023

Preliminary Information Statement Apr. 19, 2023


SEC. CERT. 2023